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Fresh Organic Big Island Bowl

Big Island Bowls was created by myself (Kelly Hazouri), and my partner (Brendan Schneck). We were best friends at Flagler College; then ended up together years after we graduated. This is our story of taking the road less traveled, discovering our authentic selves and following our bliss!

Big Island Bowl

After years of friendship, but only two weeks of dating, Brendan and Kelly moved to Hawaii to work for Pacific Quest, a gardening therapy program based on the Big Island of Hawaii for at risk youth. Once arriving on the island, they needed a way to get around so they purchased a Big Blue Bronco which would become their only home for the next 18 months. “We traveled all over in Big Blue, soaking up the scenery, tasting the salty air, and relishing the magic of the Island.”-Kelly Hazouri

It was both life changing & liberating for the couple to live out of a backpack. Working long hours in the field and then spending long weekends exploring the natural beauty of the islands. While Brendan & Kelly were embracing this new soul quenching lifestyle, they also adopted an array of healthy practices. Instantly falling in love with both the Hawaiian culture and the cuisine, both of which would later become the foundation of their business.

When they weren’t traveling, Brendan & Kelly were teaching their students at Pacific Quest the lessons they would never learn in a classroom. Their education system focused on stress management and the importance of the mind/body connection. Through this small sect of wilderness therapy, teens were able to gain the tools necessary to build a happy healthy lifestyle while simulataneously learning practical life skills and the importance of organic gardening.

Organic Big Island Bowl

“We are not just selling food but trying to help build a community.”-Brendan Schneck
After moving back to St. Augustine, Brendan and Kelly felt a need to continue sharing the lessons they learned while living in Hawaii. What better way to do this than through the delicious Hawaiian Cuisine they had fallen in love with. The concept was born from a desire to combine and share a healthy whole foods diet with the power of positivity. They continue to pursue their dreams of sharing the wonders of superfoods and providing a positive place for people to gather.

“Acai is a delicious and nutritious staple in Hawaii, and this superfood quickly became a part of our daily diet. When you eat better, you look and feel better! Our lives changed in two very profound and meaningful ways while living in Hawaii. First by only feeding our bodies the best natural fuel, we not only changed our bodies, but our moods and overall outlook on life! The second transformation occurred by experiencing a true sense of purpose for the first time. By empowering our students and guiding them towards a happier, more authentic version of themselves, we ourselves discovered our true calling: providing people with the tools they need for a happy and healthy life.” Kelly Hazouri